We’re two miniature gaming enthusiasts who eventually got around to setting up a blog to share some of the stuff we’ve been working on.

Nick (mubo) mainly collects and paints figures from the 90s citadel range, particularly Dwarfs, Forest Goblins and Empire. Although most of these are Warhammer Fantasy, he’s not a fan of the rules themselves. He is currently dabbling in various rulesets such as Dragon Rampant, SAGA and Open Combat.

Mark (nippylongscar) is a long-time modeller and painter, and has a particular soft spot for dungeon bashing and terrain building. He has recently painted a number of Advanced Heroquest dungeon monsters, heroes, and items of dungeon scenery, which have seen several Oldhammer weekends. He is currently working on small Dwarf, Skaven and Undead contingents for Warhammer, as well as revamping the contents of the original Heroquest box set.