mubo’s (gaming) year in review

New year invites reflection on the last 12 months, and hobby wise it’s often nice to look back on models painted and games played. At the start of year, I didn’t set myself any concrete goals (although that will change this time!), although I had the intention to finish my modest forest goblin force for SAGA or dragon rampant, as well as get my Empire army to 1000pts for a few games at BOYL.

By the end of January I had managed to finish off my unit of 6 spider riders. I also went to the UKTC blood bowl event in York which our team managed to win! (despite my best efforts of 1-4-1)


For these guys I included a savage orc to give them a bit more of a ragtag feel. Unfortunately their movement tray is still on the painting pile 12 months later! Here’s an army shot in February.


February was a little less productive… I managed to quickly paint up the slayer with dragon head – a model I had wanted to get to for ages. I also made a start on the pump wagon for my forest goblins. This got finished in March along with a few more goblins. The trolls also got based with a water swamp effect.

In March I was able to host Nippy for a couple of days, and we had a weekend pretty solidly dedicated to painting and gaming. Mark’s Dwarfs came out on top with a win and a draw vs my Empire (including ogre mercenaries) despite some heroics from my pistoleers.

Painting wise I spent most of the weekend painting a cobweb design onto the shields of my goblins and made some good headway on 3 gigantic spiders (including a body swap of a standard spider rider).  In the meantime Mark converted a fantastic chaos spawn that will grace a future chaos warband (no pictures of this yet.. sorry!).

In June I attended the Lutece blood bowl tournament in France, which is a sensational weekend of camping, excellent food, gaming and copious Leffe. Although our team didn’t do so well I was able to take the individual prize with a 5-0-0 record. I went to Cakebowl in Swindon as well, my first time there, a really enjoyable little tournament where I finished 4th.

I finished the gigantic spiders eventually, and started an effort to get some stuff finished for BOYL in August. I finished the cannon, although my unit of free company failed to make the deadline.

I managed a game in June vs Dan’s High Elves. This started terrifically with a doomfire ring defying probability and frying both bolt thrower crew, but the elves eventually turned the tide! BOYL was a great success- Mark and I planned a campaign, games were played with hidden objectives, and victory gave each force more troops to choose from. 9 generals took part (with some beautiful armies, particularly gameoftravel, ketil_trout, and nippy) and there was much blood spilt! We also played some advanced heroquest with Mark’s beautiful set.

The free company were finished at the end of August, but a combination of house-hunting, getting engaged and work meant that the next unit, 10 crossbowmen weren’t finished until 31st December! Then for something different I took on 10 old citadel skeletons that should be finished in the new year.


I did get to a couple of blood bowl tournaments though, the Eurobowl in Wales, where our team finished 4th (I was 5-0-1), and the German team championship, where we came 1st (3-3-0).

Not bad in review then, I make it almost 50 models painted to completion, and much more gaming than I have done in years. So, targets for next year… the forest goblins still aren’t quite finished. They need one unit tray, and 6 (yes 6!) banners painting. I’m super nervous about freehand, so have been putting this off until I can get some expert tuition. Apart from that I’d really like to focus on finishing off a few loose ends. I have a chaos force that needs some TLC and finishing off, and my dwarf army needs a lot of work too… about 5 years go I decided to rebase the whole lot and got about halfway!

  • Finish the forest goblins!
  • Chaos beastmen: paint 6 knights, 6 hounds, spawn, and a handful of beastmen/centigors, add shields and unit trays to all units
  • Dwarfs: Complete the hammerers, rebase and tidy thunderers and crossbows. Paint the flame cannon with a decent base.






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  1. The forest goblins look great, was good to meet you at BOYL and thanks for the mention. Here’s to a productive New Year

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