Lair of the Orclord – Painting the Heroquest box set (Part II)

SDT Crude Daubings

After a bit of a painting hiatus I’ve managed to get some brushtime in this week and finished off the greenskins from the Heroquest boxset.


I have to admit, these are probably my least favourite models from the box. The poses are all quite static (which looks very odd in the case of the ball-and-chain-armed Orcs!) and they generally don’t look very fearsome. In fact, the goblins are positively cute.  Nevertheless, they were quite fun to paint, and I enjoyed getting a bit of colour into the faces of the models…purple in the case of the darker-hued Orcs, and reddy-pink for the cheeky Gobbos.


It was also quite fun to daub a few crude patterns on the orc weapons, and give a couple of them stripy trousers (or possibly leggings, they are quite tight), which all adds to the character.

With these chaps out of the way, there’s not too much left to go in the box set now. The Undead are mostly finished, and the Chaos is well on the way, so hopefully I’ll have all the models sorted fairly soon and be able to focus on the remainder of the furniture. After that…I’ve got my sights set on a grand target: Against the Ogre Horde! See you in the dungeon again soon.

Ogre Horde Box.jpg


6 thoughts on “Lair of the Orclord – Painting the Heroquest box set (Part II)

  1. I really like what you’ve done with these. Especially the warm brown bases – nice change from the standard issue grey dungeon stone. Was the colour choice a reference to the box art?

      1. Thanks man! Yeah a little of the box art, and a little of the colour scheme of the Advanced Heroquest floor tiles, which were much more uniform than the vibrant HQ board.

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