Painting The Chaos All-Stars: Blood Bowl Chaos Renegade Team, Part I

SDT Blood on the Gridiron

After the exciting but slightly frantic completion of my Dwarf army in time for BOYL (blog posts showing the full army coming soon), it’s been nice to turn my attention to Blood Bowl, and some lovely old models in the form of the original Chaos All-Stars.

All Stars

I decided to veer away from the classic pink and green scheme of Phil Lewis’s team, and instead chose to paint them in a complimentary purple and yellow kit.

The first seven finished models are shown here, including the essential Ogre and Goblin one turn touchdown buddies. The Ogre was probably my favourite member of the team to paint so far actually…mainly due to his multi-coloured mohawk.



Another favourite was the Skaven (in this case the kicker model)…another Jes Goodwin classic. I actually have a full second edition Skaven team ready to start work on at some point in the near future, so this model was a nice precursor to that project.


Soon I’ll be painting up some models that were featured in the Star Players book. The question is, how to match the uniforms depicted in that publication with the colour scheme I’ve chosen? I’m not quite sure yet, but you’ll get the answer in Part II of this blog post once I’ve worked it out!


4 thoughts on “Painting The Chaos All-Stars: Blood Bowl Chaos Renegade Team, Part I

  1. Nice painting, and arguably a nicer scheme than the Phil Lewis originals (that have not aged very well).

    I see that you have minis for Sanders and Grigolson although the WD pictures states that the former is a conversion and the latter a scratch-build. Were they later released, or did you do your own converting and scratch-building?

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