Painting the Greypox Warriors – Skaven Clanrats

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As a small break from my Dwarfs I’ve recently finished off the first unit from my third (and until the rest are finished with, final) Warhammer contingent, the Skaven of Clan Greypox.

I decided that I wanted my Clanrats to be really varied and colourful, so painted each model pretty much as I liked! The only nod to uniformity was in the shields, which were all painted yellow and black…although even these have a fair bit of variety in them… some plain, some decorated with runes or checks. I also used a few Advanced Heroquest Skaven shields I had in my bits box, which have nice embossed details.

For the banner I wanted to keep the design very simple and focus on making it look really filthy and uncared for! The banners from Andy Chambers’ wonderful Skaven army were in my mind when I painted this…I always really liked how grubby they looked! I made the banner in my usual way using tomato puree foil. The standard bearer himself deserves a little shout out actually, as he was in a sad state when I got him, with only one foot and a missing club. I ended up making him a new foot from green stuff and building him a banner pole from scratch using some plastic rod.

I also painted a couple of Warpfire Thrower Teams to join in the fun. Again, I kept the colour palette varied and bright. When I come onto my more ‘warlike’ units, such as the Stormvermin and Gutter Runners, I envisage the colours being a lot more uniform, so this was a nice opportunity to use whatever paint pots jumped out at me!


So that’s at least a unit finished for each of my three armies now. I think that next I will need to focus on getting the Dwarfs finished ready for BOYL, and after that I’ll probably hop between the Undead and Skaven as the mood takes me!

Clanrats main

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  1. This is a another cracking unit. The crispness of the linework on your shield glyphs is remarkable. Can’t wait to see this in the flesh.

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