Painting House Brannthior – Dwarf Spearmen and Cannon

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In preparation for my first ever game of Warhammer at the White Eagle Gaming Club, I’ve finished off another house’s worth of troops for my Dwarf throng…the flamboyant spearmen and gunners of House Brannthior.

The spearmen were a group of models that I remembered fondly (like the Longbeards) from Paul Robins’ Golden Demon winning army, and they were the first models I bought for my own fledgling force. I hoped to capture a bit of the colour and flair of Paul’s models, albeit with a slightly more economical painting approach!

Paul Robins Dwarf Army

For my own unit, I used a quite a varied palette of colours, but with an over-arching focus on turquoise, pink and cream. This was made a less uniform by painting the different elements of the clothing in varied colours, and incorporating a few patterns, as can be seen in these four chaps:

I was a little uncertain whether this approach would pay off, or if the unit would end up looking a bit of a jumbled mess, but I think they came out on just the right side of chaos! I decided that the garish colours and fondness for the fleur de lys symbol (depicted on the champion’s buckler and repeated on the unit standard) indicate that House Brannthior hail from Bretonnia, and have clung on to their traditions despite having relocated to the Empire.

Spearmen Main

I also completed the cannon, using a classic Bell Bombard model from Wargames Foundry, accompanied by some Dwarf Siege Gun crew who match the spearmen’s Renaissance-themed aesthetic.

These photos show the construction of the war machine’s scenic base. I used plasticard sheet for the footprint, and rectangular strips to create the base edge and the slots for the crew’s bases. After that, thin sheet plasticard and green stuff were used to fill in the gaps, and I added a variety of fun details: a powder barrel, a brazier, some cannon balls, and a bit of old fence with a curious crow keeping a beady eye on proceedings!

At this point it was ready to paint, and I used the same colour palette as for the spearmen. Not very practical wear for the grimy work of a cannon’s crew, but fashion clearly comes first for Bretonnian Dwarfs!


With a splash of colour added to the army, I’m now getting close to the point where I will leave the Dwarfs for a bit and shift my focus to my Undead and Skaven forces. The last elements left needing painting for now are some crossbowmen and a handful of characters. Expect the final instalment soon!

7 thoughts on “Painting House Brannthior – Dwarf Spearmen and Cannon

  1. Very nice once again, I like the lavish renaissance colour choices, especially as you apply them so smoothly! The bombard with its scenic base is wonderfully evocative.

  2. The repeating pose of the spearmen plus the basing really pulls that unit together. They look marvellous. I’m a big fan of the salmon pink you’ve got going on.

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