Building the White Dwarf 137 Warhammer Fantasy Townhouse

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One of my very earliest posts on this blog covered building and painting the White Dwarf 130 Cottage, which was a lovely little project and provided a terrain piece that has seen action in virtually every game of Warhammer I’ve played since…clearly a hot property! I’ve always intended to revisit the Modelling Workshop series, and this Summer, prompted by Max DM Crafting’s house building contest, I decided to crack on with a slightly heftier undertaking – The White Dwarf 137 Townhouse.

This is another classic Dave Andrews/Phil Lewis collaboration, and it’s clear from the outset that it’s a more involved project, with the article running to a hefty eight pages of tightly spaced text and templates. I decided to go a little more experimental with my build this time, adding a clock tower to make the building a real centrepiece to the battlefield.

The first stage was to map out the photocopied templates onto foamex with a pin and cut them out. I made a slight change to the dimensions here as I wanted to add stonework to the lower storey, but also create an overall larger footprint for the upper storey.

Once the basic frame was constructed I added a long cuboid shape inside the upstairs wall to form the basis of the tower, and some support pieces to give the roof structural strength. The stonework was created by gluing on individual pieces of foamex that were textured with a pebble, and the beams were cut from 2mm balsa.


For the clock tower I created a smaller version of the upstairs storey, copying the angle of the roof to maintain the sense of continuity.


Once all of the wood and stone detailing was added (including a chimney stack) I added a textured base and roof tiles. The base was detailed with Das clay using a Green Stuff World roller. This was the first time I’ve used one of these and it was an enjoyably easy way to create a paved area around the building.

Unfortunately the tiling didn’t go quite so smoothly – I initially tiled the roof with plasticard, but once I got to the end realised I’d made a key oversight in not overlapping the tiles on each row. Disaster! After a bit of pondering I bit the bullet and went again from scratch, this time using lengths of thin-cut foamex. In the end I was really happy with the final look of the tiles, so crisis averted.


I built and painted the clock face separately, as it was by far the fiddliest part of the model and much easier to deal with in isolation.


Painting the model was pretty straightforward, and mainly consisted of basecoats, a few green, brown or grey washes in areas that needed them, and a lot of patient drybrushing. Once painting was all done I added five support beams to the front of the house, and with that, it was done!

I’m really pleased to have completed another project that feels like it’s been on my to-do list for decades, and am now thinking about what other small elements could be added to the growing village…a well, a barn? If you have a great idea for the next project, please let me know.



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  1. Holy crap, that is outstanding. Absolutely excellent work all round, from the construction to the painting and weathering. I’m still working on my Warhammer cottage…

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