Painting Grimstikk’s Moonz – a Goblin Warband

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I started painting a few goblins recently – they’re a nice counterpoint to the Chaos and Ogre forces I’ve been working on, being mainly lightly armoured small models.

I painted a banner for the ladz in the 4th Edition Warhammer style: bright colours, bold iconography and plenty of checks!

Having assembled the model, I gave it a base spray of GW Wraithbone. This provided a nice surface to draw a sketchy outline of the banner design.


The next step was to block in the base colours with dilute paint that let the pencil lines show through.


This was followed by a first pass of shading, focusing on the areas where two colours meet and the central parts of large colour blocks (like the top of the skull).


A further, dark stage of shading and some highlights were applied next, with the goal being to exaggerate the contrast between differently coloured areas. This also helps to define details, like the faces on the moons.


Finally, the checks were tidied up and highlighted, and a little more black lining was applied, again to provide exaggerated definition between colours.


I seem to be building up a nice mixture of ‘evil’ forces for Warhammer, with units of Skaven and Undead finished, and Chaos and Goblins coming together. It would be fun to use them all together as some kind of anarchic evil alliance at some point!


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