Gorak Foesmiter: A Khornate Ogre joins Vileclaw’s Warband

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June has definitely been Ogre month. Hot on the heels of my recently finished Heroquest lunks, I’ve painted yet another 10-foot monstrosity, this time in the form of a reinforcement for Vileclaw’s Reavers, my Khorne-worshipping Realms of Chaos/Warcry warband.

Mubo presented me with a Jes Goodwin Ogre recently, and I figured he had just enough spiky armour to fit in nicely with my Khornate band. He’ll also make a very handy Breacher in games of Warcry.

Unlike most of the other Reavers I decided not to make any changes to him – I’m a huge fan of the Goodwin ogres and this was my first chance to paint one, so I was more than happy to leave him as nature intended. I did add a little bit of scenic interest to the base though – his left foot seemed to be slightly raised, so a piece of slate helped make the pose look a bit more natural.


Just a few more warriors to go now and I’ll be happy to call the warband complete. I think I’d like to include a centrepiece standard of some kind, and maybe I’ll add a musician too so they can function as a ragtag Warhammer unit.

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