Painting The Heroquest Ogre Horde

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I’m almost finished work on the Heroquest box set, with just a few bits of furniture to go. However, new-old-thing excitement got the better of me recently, and I’ve brashly made a start on the Against the Ogre Horde expansion.

The set I picked up was missing the head from the Ogre Champion, and had an extra regular warrior head in its place. I didn’t want to miss out on have a cowl-headed badass though, so a bit of trimming and sculpting was carried out to make an approximation of the proper sinister head.


I wanted my ogres to be usable in both Heroquest and Warhammer (having been on the wrong end of Mubo’s mercenary regiment on more than one occasion, I wanted some revenge) and therefore magnetised the models’ feet so I could switch between 20mm dungeon and 40mm Warhammer bases. This was a fiddlier job than I anticipated, and so my imagined unit of seven plus a character has shrunk to three – I’ll base the remaining four warriors for dungeon dwelling only.



Next up will be the four warriors, which I intend to painted in more neutral, muted colours. I’m also going to do some more alterations to the faces through sculpting, as I want each ogre to look different and I’m pleased with how the modification on the Champion turned out. There’ll also be a scratch built throne, the expansions sole item of furniture. Then it’ll be time to chow down on some over-confident adventurers!

3 thoughts on “Painting The Heroquest Ogre Horde

  1. That’s some impressive work. Magnetising Ogre feet sounds like a tricky business. What sized magnets do you have to use for such small work. I wonder if some sort of base insert to fit the smaller Heroquest base within a larger base for Warhammer might be more practical.

    1. Thanks! The magnets I used are 3mm diameter. I think that would be a good solution, but for me my Warhammer bases are green and mossy and my dungeon bases are flagstones, so wouldn’t have worked!

  2. This is the best I’ve ever seen these Ogres looking! I like your approach to the base swapping – it’s something people suggest when I’m agonising over cross-system miniature compatibility, but’ve ever seen done.

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