Painting Vileclaw’s Reavers: Oldhammer Warcry Warband

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Ever since the heady days of the original Realms of Chaos hardbacks, I’ve wanted a Chaos Warband to call my own. I was discussing this with Mubo and a few other Oldhammering buddies and we decided that it’d be fun to do a group project, creating warbands that could be used both for RoC-style gameplay and GW’s Warcry rules (which we all fancied trying).

A heated debate soon broke out as to who would collect which Chaos God (actually this is a massive lie;  everyone was very British about it and there was lots of exasperating “I’ll take what no-one else wants” type debate) and when the dust settled I had landed Khorne. I elected to use them as Iron Golems in Warcry, as this would allow me to paint a mixture of Chaos Warriors, Chaos Dwarfs and an Ogre, and the heavy-armoured theme seemed to fit well with the mighty warriors of the Blood God.

I didn’t have a grand plan for which models I wanted to use, so instead i just picked up odd models here and there that I liked and that fit in with my idea of what a Chaotic warband should look like. A few interesting bits of conversion work included:

  • Reposing the arm on a Citadel Barbarian.
  • Modifying a fourth edition Empire shield so it looked like a daemon rather than a lion.
  • Giving an Armoured Skeleton a Heroquest warrior’s head.
  • A few weapon swaps (a lot of weapons on older models can end up misshapen and blunt looking).
  • Putting the Armoured Imp on a pile of rocks so he’s as tall and imposing as a full-sized warrior!

In terms of painting, I stuck to a simple red and brass colour scheme, with turquoise accents and the odd bright colour to emphasise a key area, such as the warpstone blades of one of Two-swords the dwarf, and Vileclaw’s pallid, mutated flesh.


I want the warband to be 10 strong in total, so I’m planning to add two more warriors, another dwarf and an ogre. Hopefully they’ll soon be ready to take names and collect skulls in the name of Khorne!

4 thoughts on “Painting Vileclaw’s Reavers: Oldhammer Warcry Warband

  1. This is a really cute gang. Are the square bases a force of habit, or do you have plans for these to be backwards compatible with older editions of Warhammer one day?

    1. A little bit of both! I’d like to think that one day I’ll have enough Warriors to make a unit, maybe they can ally with my tiny Skaven force to give them a much needed points bump!

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