Painting the Wasteland Blazers – Gaslands Team

SDT Crude Daubings

For my last project of the year, a (literal) change of pace. I’ve always fancied painting up some toy cars in the style of GW’s Dark Future, but the rules to that game just didn’t appeal to me. However, I recently picked up the Gaslands Refuelled rulebook, and this sparked my enthusiasm enough to get a small team of three cars converted up and painted.

The basis for my team was a set of Matchbox cars I picked up cheaply on eBay. These all date from the 60s and 70s and have a fun retro feel that I think suits the post-apocalyptic setting nicely…the picture shows them alongside the cars from the Dark Future

I picked three likely candidates and modded them with resin weapons, plasticard and wire mesh on the windows. I also added a little semi-circular plastic tubing around the edges of the window mesh to make it look more firmly attached.


To achieve a weathered look to the paint job, I washed reddish brown into the recessed areas to create the appearance of rust, and added chips with black and dark brown, which I highlighted to make them pop a little.

For the bases, I cut some pieces of plasticard to 40mm by 80mm – slightly larger than the Gaslands rulebook recommends for regular-sized cars, but I didn’t want them hanging over the edges! I then textured these with some sand, gravel and slate and gave them a simple base coat and drybrush in suitably wastelands-looking colours.

I really enjoyed this little project…it was quick and fun to do, I didn’t have to worry about being too neat with either the modelling or painting, and the contrast between the disparity in vehicle shapes and the uniformity of colour scheme really appeals to me. Next up I plan do another three-strong team in contrasting colours and a few bits of simple scenery, ready for some games in the new year!