Painting the Frost Thorne Defenders

SDT Blood on the Gridiron

Painting has been quite slow and infrequent of late, but I recently managed to finish off a fairly major project: a team of Jes Goodwin Elves to use as my Frost Thorne Defenders Wood Elf team at the NAF World Cup in Doenbirn. As is so often the case the looming deadline of a tournament was the incentive I needed to get these done!

The first major decision I took was to stratchbuild my own Treeman. I wanted something that would fit in with the aesthetic of the elves, and so I set about making a model with shoulder pads and face visor in the Elven vein. My first iteration of the model actually had a full American Football style helmet too, but I felt that the overall look wasn’t tree-ish enough!

I knew I wanted the team to have a display base that depicted the stadium with some fans. I used a few different models from my bitz box and reposed them (mostly) to be in seated positions. I also added a few foil pennants, mainly so that I could get a little more of the team’s colour scheme echoed in the stands.

For the Elf players, I mainly painted them up unconverted, but I did want to make all the players on the team unique, so I carried out headswaps on a couple of the duplicate Linemen, using heads from spare Fantasy Wardancers.


When it came to painting, I tried to keep the colour palette fairly limited, focusing on red, yellow and white. I used a few slightly more exotic colours on the Elven haircuts, as that seemed a nice way to add some variety and also highlight their flamboyant nature!

With the Treeman I opted for quite a greyish brown with some mottled green patches, inspired by a real life tree I’d seen the day before!

For the display base, I painted some classic Blood Bowl advertisements onto the hoardings to add a bit more colour, as the stadium itself was a mass of stone and wood. I also got a fair bit of variety into the fans, while still keeping them looking like staunch Frost Thorne supporters!

The final details I added were some of the most fiddly…a couple of Elves on the subs bench (one of whom definitely has at least two niggling injuries) and a sneaky Skaven Assassin, poised in the sewer and ready to get the ref! These all required a lot of conversion work but I’m pleased with how they add to the narrative.

All in all this was quite a hefty project! It’s only an eleven-player team (although I do intend to add more catchers and a thrower) but I ended up painting more than twice that many figures for the display base. Jes Goodwin’s classic Elves were lovely to paint and remain some of my favourite Blood Bowl models…although if I ever have to paint another set of studded trousers…

Full Team

8 thoughts on “Painting the Frost Thorne Defenders

  1. These are absolutely amazing Nippy!

    One of my favourite teams, which I am looking to buy at the moment!

    What colours did you use for the Elf Flesh?

    1. Thanks so much buddy! I used the P3 colours Midlund Flesh and Rynn Flesh primarily, they’re really good, highly recommended.

    1. No joy with the best painted mate, the standard was absolutely through the roof at this year’s WC. Next time! 😉

  2. Wow, that is some truly super work. The Elf team alone is wonderful just for the nostalgia, the Treeman is brilliantly sculpted and the crowd / coaching staff / etc top it all off. You must be very proud indeed.

    1. Thanks so much! I am proud of this team yes, definitely my among my favourite things I’ve produced for Blood Bowl 🙂

  3. This is a cracking little project. I really like how you’ve angled the cut through the stadium, it makes it look really dynamic, and doesn’t burden you with endless hordes of spectators to paint!

    1. Thanks mate! Yeah I think it can look a bit static if you make a perpendicular cut through things on a scenic base…and as you say limiting the number of spectators was a nice bonus 🙂

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