Progress on the forces of Ternwold

SDT Crude DaubingsSo, a bit of an update on the progress of my Empire force. It’s almost 1000 points now, and should be ready for our campaign we have planned for BOYL. As I mentioned in the last post, I’d like to create a sharp divide between the liveried troops of the local liege lord, and the less professional aspects of the army.

First up, is the general of this 1000 pt force, a mounted warrior priest- Marcus Richter and 12 deranged flagellants. I had a number of the old marauder flagellants, that I combined with a couple of the slightly newer ones- it’s not until you put them side by side that you realise how comic the proportions of the old flagellants are… the hands, heads and feet are *huge*. I also did a bit of conversion work, as I had too many duplicates in the unit. I headswapped 2 figures with some of the newer plastics, and gave one of them a two handed flail from the same set. I think this works ok, although it really brings home the size differential… I had to greenstuff huge beards on them to get the heads to fit! I went for a red cloak on these guys, just to make them stand out a little more than if they wore drab greys and browns, I figured they are more a cult than a collection of downtrodden individuals.

Marcus was slightly trickier, in the end I tried to give him a little bit of the green colour scheme of the main force, but not the full livery. I limited the green to the horse, and gave him a bit of red trim to make him look important. I also painted up one of the time-warp wizards I got from BOYL 2016(?). Name suggestions on a postcard please. I’ve used him twice in battle, and both times he has had his mind ravaged by a daemon, so I might paint up a luckier wizard soon!

Next up were the pistoliers, I had never painted horses before, being mainly an dwarf collector, so finding convincing colours was a challenge. I opted for a mix of sandy and chestnut colours, and was quite pleased with how the socks came out. The pistoliers themselves were given bright shiny armour, highlighted up with elf grey to show their rank and status. One thing I did do was to spend some time filling the horses properly- I always find the neck joints on GW horses far too pronounced! The purple feathers tie them to the halberdiers in the absence of the secondary yellow colour.

Next we come to the mercenaries, a unit of 6 ogres that bring me up to almost 1000 points. I love the Jes Goodwin ogres, some of my favourite ever models, and it was  great to get them onto the tabletop. I painted 5 of these a while ago, an the 6th in my more recent brighter style. I’ll let you figure out which one that is!


In the meantime I’m working on a cannon that I picked up from Salute, 15 free company, and two units of 10 archers for some detachment support.

Finally I’ll leave you with a few photos of a recent game against nippy’s dwarfs showing some of these units in action! It was a capture scenario, eventually won by the dwarfs after some heroics from the warriors and a comic miscast by the empire wizard.









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  1. There’s a lotta painting in this post! You’re blasting through this army.

    Is the newest Ogre the one with the stripey trews, front left?

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