The Khorne-clusion: Rounding out Vileclaw’s Reavers

SDT Crude Daubings

I decided at the outset of the Oldhammer Warcry project that I would aim to paint up a 10-strong warband. Originally I was thinking of three dwarfs, six warriors and an ogre, but as it turned out, having painted two dwarfs I was happy enough with those, and decided to paint an extra warrior instead – in the form of another classic GW barbarian.

The barbarian was the most involved of the final three models, boasting a headswap (for a more recent plastic warrior helm with the horns removed), a weapon replacement and a greenstuffed Khornate shield icon.


The other two warriors were painted up in their original form, with just a little base decoration added to spice them up a bit. These two seem to have been on some kind of beastman hunting party; both are draped in furs, and one even has a grisly gor head attached to his helmet (this was the most enjoyable bit to paint actually).


With that, Vileclaw’s Reavers are complete, and ready to dominate the Warcry arena! Although I do now have an itch to paint up a standard bearer, musician and some more dwarfs, so that I can field them as a small Chaos force for Warhammer, as mentioned in my post about Grimstikk’s Goblins. Anyone have any good suggestions for command group models?


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